Life Lessons in City Photography…from a Nature Lover

Moving to New York City 5 years ago, however, put some poop on my parade.

Photography has long been a passion of mine, an interest I’ve undoubtedly inherited from my father. My dad behind the lens of a camera was a familiar sight throughout my childhood. As I grew older, I inherently followed his footsteps, and have since dabbled in both film and digital photography, capturing images that appeal to me through the influences of my father as well as talented photographers worldwide.

One of my current favorites. The natural light really makes these SoHo buildings pop during the golden hour.

During my exploration in the art of photography, I have noticed an ongoing gravitation towards nature. Capturing the mystery, unpredictability and vibrance of the outdoors never ceases to stir my imagination, motivating me to continue placing myself in foreign environments. Moving to New York City 5 years ago, however, put some poop on my parade. Photographing the concrete jungle, as amazing as it is, became a chore and while I certainly noticed the beauty surrounding me, accurate portrayals of this vision escaped my photo library for some time.

City Photography is all about the composition and the lighting. Use these tools to promote emotion.

Photography, just like most things in life, contains a lesson to be learned. While capturing city imagery was difficult for me, often frustrating, I knew I would have to stay persistent if I wanted a chance of developing my skills as a photographer. Years later, I am finally starting to gain confidence in this aspect of my work. Once I found my own unique way to tackle the challenges of lighting and composition presented in city shooting, the more pictures I took and the better the quality they became.

DSC00763 (1)
Even the simple things look good with right light.

Often life will throw challenges your way; they come in all shapes and sizes. While we can choose to ignore them, sweeping our problems under the rug, doing so offers no benefits. Self progression and change are the fruits of stepping away from the comfort zone and tackling our problems head on. These lessons are presented to us everyday, disguised and hidden in plain view. Face your fears and overcome all adversity. I did. And I’ll never look at a city, or life, the same way again.

New York City in one photograph.



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