Downtowns & Surf Towns



From a recent romp in Europe, this was my first venture into the world of shooting and editing video. Film has always blown me away. It’s ability to capture beauty, life, and emotion makes it an incredibly unique outlet of expression. Shooting this, however, showed me the amount of work making a quality film demands. It’s relatively simple to create a vision in your mind, I often walk through the streets imagining how I would photograph or film certain subjects and situations, but capturing quality footage to later piece together is a whole different story. Quite a pain in the ass actually, given I was learning this process for the first time. I shot this trip to Europe using a GoPro Hero 3+ Camera that was given to me as a birthday present from a close friend. SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE GOOD FRIENDS. I took it with me everywhere from the streets of London where this journey started, down the English coast to Cornwall (and back), then later to Amsterdam before heading home to the states.


What a trip first of all, amazing coastline with equally amazing people. No surf in Cornwall when we arrived but let’s just forget about that. The fact we were in a U.K. surf town was enough to satisfy the bug. I have since continued to shoot videos. Originally I would paddle out with my GoPro in search of some good footage. Although I did get some (sweet vid from a Costa Rica session coming soon), I found however that doing so really took away from my surfing experience. Because of that I no longer bring it with me. What I have done is started to explore film with a different tenor. Rather than capturing action footage with a GoPro, I’ve started to film in the sense that drew me to the art in the first place. I now focus on capturing charismatic imagery, placing emphasis on emotion and tone. I guess you’ll have to wait and see how that project goes. Enjoy this for now but be on the lookout for some more video content to come!



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