El Niño Does Work in California: Photos From the Field.

From the South Bay to San Francisco, Huntington Beach to Steamer Lane…

The 2015-16 El Nino year will go down in history as one of the greatest swell rich periods the California coast has ever seen. Strongest in the Northern Pacific, with Hawaii also feeling the heat, these past winter months have produced swell large enough to run even the most prestigious of surf competitions. The Eddie Aikau and Mavericks are a few big wave events to be mentioned. While popular names in the industry really got to stretch their legs, local surfers around the west coast weren’t just watching on the screens. I was fortunate enough to spend December – February in California and witness, first hand, the true power of mother ocean and the potential she has for both pristine beauty and absolute destruction. Waves appeared all along the coast, places normally quiet began screaming for attention as spots more well known simply embodied perfection. From the South Bay to San Francisco, Huntington Beach to Steamer Lane, I got to experience some of California’s greatest surf breaks, churning out massive waves at their prime. Although there is always a battle within me, consistently torn between photographing and surfing, I’ve managed to capture a few gems throughout my winter in California. This 2016 El Nino season, undoubtedly one for the record books, will be the talk of the town for years to come. Now that storms have left the region and real life can begin to take over once again, enjoy the gallery as we patiently wait. The next swell is just around the corner.

Pray for Surf!



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