Who the f*** are you?


Hola Kooks! Chances are, if you found this page we share some incredibly cool common interests, either that or you were forced into doing so and I’m sitting right next to you. Just smile and nod*. Whatever the case may be, welcome to The Kook’s Compass. I’ve started this project just as I am about to embark on an expedition around the world. My love for surf and a life on the road has pushed me to share my experiences with all of you. These passions of mine have given me a lifetime of memories full of stoke and I aim both to inspire others through my stories, as well as inform you, my fellow travel bugs and surf junkies, of the raw and rich cultures, adrenaline pumping adventures, tear jerking misfortunes, and god like surf breaks that this nomadic lifestyle has exposed me to.

My name is Vitecha, my lazy friends call me V, and I am a Kook! Born and raised in Southern California, I was no stranger to surf culture and pumping waves. Although I watched from afar through most of my childhood, I bit the bullet in my early teens and haven’t looked back since. Growing up, traveling was always a part of my life. Coming from Thailand, my parents understood the importance of culture, and with that appreciation for the world/its inhabitants, took me along on adventures across the globe. From China to Guam, those experiences have shaped me into the man I am today, a confident college graduate living in Brooklyn, with an extreme case of wanderlust.

What’s the next step? I’ve sacrificed it all in order to put myself in the position I am in today. While giving up some of the things I care for the most in life such as comfort, love, and my greatest passions, I aim to bring you, through my personal experiences, as much of the best advice on surf and travel (with some bullshit in between) that my oversized fingers can type, straight from the front lines. The most one can ask from oneself is to give full effort in all that he or she sets to accomplish. I apply this to every aspect of my life, except for school. That wasn’t my thing. Otherwise, I’m all in. Follow me and my compass as it leads me to amazing places and people throughout the world. Take my advice, or don’t, but If I have one hope, it’s that your visit here ignites a flame in your imagination, sparking an insatiable fire in the soul that will eventually lead you to places where no Kook has gone before. Cheers my friends.



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